About Us



The mission of the Southeast Philadelphia Collaborative (SEPC) is to serve as an intermediary initiative that informs, educates and organizes a broad and diverse network of community partners, policymakers and stakeholders to leverage greater access to resources and opportunities that address the needs of youth in Southeast Philadelphia.


Fulfilling our mission to coordinate youth and adult partnerships that provide and promote youth development and leadership opportunities in Southeast Philadelphia, the Southeast Philadelphia Collaborative (SEPC) connects youth-serving organizations and stakeholders through Community Council Meetings, School Partner Coordination, the South Philadelphia Prevention Coalition, and engages community youth in the Youth Leadership Council.


Since 1999, SEPC has served as the primary network for a diverse group of community partners, policymakers and stakeholders. SEPC was born out of the idea that in order to ensure the highest quality opportunities to youth, program staff and leadership needed to begin conversations and sharing resources with the goal of eliminating competition and avoiding program duplication. The group functioned through informal convenings until 2006 when the collaborative obtained funding to enhance its services and convening power. Beginning in 2006, SEPC evolved into a technical assistance provider, serving our seven Network Agencies through joint marketing, fundraising, data collection, program quality improvement and professional development in an effort to aid our Network as they built their capacity and offer varied youth opportunities and programs. The organizations in our Network include youth-serving agencies that focus on education, arts and culture, and social and human services, all with strong long-standing community relationships in their respective Southeast Philadelphia neighborhoods.

Shifting beyond the role as a technical assistance provider, SEPC currently focuses on developing relationships with youth serving partners and stakeholders outside of its network. As a collaborative, SEPC forges and strengthens key partnerships that help our youth thrive and make our community stronger. SEPC believes that multiple groups must be involved in order to ensure the success of our youth. Stakeholders include groups and individuals with a focus on youth services and programming, schools and education, health and wellness, arts and culture, and built environment.

SEPC convenes providers, agencies and key stakeholders throughout Southeast Philadelphia and the city to address the needs of our youth. By bringing groups together we create a collective voice for our youth, identify key issues and solutions, and align our resources toward common goals. Through incorporating voices of multiple groups and individuals, SEPC can articulate the neighborhood and city landscapes including gaps in services, community concerns and possible partnerships that have not yet been explored.
The Southeast Philadelphia Collaborative is constantly trying to take the pulse of youth needs and match them with resources throughout our neighborhood. The Southeast Philadelphia Collaborative’s goal is to ensure that youth are connected to services that meet their needs and put them on a successful pathway to adulthood.